Technology Mediates Attention

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The positive effects of this attention is that the internet has an unlimited amount of information and its all there for us to read or listen to. Any subject that you want to observe info about is going to be on the internet at our disposal. That is the positive thing about technology and its attention, we as humans know its there for us and when we want it, we go for it.

However, the negative side of all this, is probably the fact that we don’t have the time or basically don’t want look at all of it. Similiar to reading books, once you have intake a certain amount of information, your mind starts to wander. Same goes for the internet. there might be a vast amount of information for us to read, but we certainly don’t want to read all of it especially at once. For example, if I had 10 web pages open, the odds of me reading all of them are pretty slim. In this case I would choose to read the one that looks most intriguing. So it often does split our attention, to the point where we choose to read what we think will keep our attention the most. This also relates to television as well, all the channels available, but we don’t watch them all even though they there for us. We just watch what grabs our attention.


15 Minutes of Fame!

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Unless we have done something great for the community, and that its target is mainly for the community, then it is pretty hard to become famous. I believe that a very few people get there 15 minutes of fame. There are ways to receive 15 minutes of fame, for example, uploading a popular movie on Youtube, playing a collegiate or professional sport. I believe i somewhat have had my 15 minutes of fame because I participated in a collegiate sports team and plenty of people knew who I was because they saw me racing, heard of me racing, or because there somewhat of a fan. Basically thats a much famous I will ever be, I think. I believe its possible, but its not going to be easy.

Favorite Tool

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If I had to choose a favorite tool, it would have to be my cell phone or my computer. Without either of them, my life would be a lot harder. My phone and Computer are responsible for my means of communication, completing important documents, and even part of my job. Without these two items, the process for most of my daily objectives would be ten times slower. Instead of texting or calling people, I would have no choice but to write a letter or talk to them in person. I would have to fill out tons of paperwork using a pen, rather than typing it up and submitting through email. Not to mention, school would be harder as well. All the essays students have to do would be hand written. No email, means that the students would have way more paperwork handed to them everyday. Most of peoples lives are dependent on computers and cell phones.


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For my project, I did 3 different monsters.

Monster 1, his name is Scarecrow and he is a shy kinda guy. He always keeps to himself and never really leaves his farm. His appearance is very similar to an actual scarecrow. He has a body made of straw, a pointy hat and tarnished clothes. He spends his days on his farm harvesting his vegetation. However, if anyone bothers him or trespasses on his farm, then he goes insane and tries to capture them for unknown reasons. Probably to scare them to death.

Monster 2, his name is ROB-ert and he is your basic friendly robot. He can fly or hover where ever he pleases. His body is made of basic geometric shapes. His arms can move in any direction and his neck can expand to a certain height. ROB is a peace loving robot and would never do anything to harm anyone. He doesn’t speak much but he is fun to be around.

Monster 3, his original name was Harvey Dent, but after a horrible accident disfiguring the left side of his face and his left hand, he calls himself, Two-Face. The scarred portion of his body is a purplish blue mix. He wears a suit that is half black on side and white on the other side. He always carries a double headed coin that is scarred one side. He flips it to decide if he will act for good or evil.

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Generative Art

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Basically I did two different ones. Both of them are similar to each other seeing as how they both involve text. My first one, basically has text shooting at you. I modified the speed, so it goes a little slower. I also modified the text, so all of the words showing, are words that I typed in. The second one, has text randomly appear on screen and once you click on the letters, they randomly change into others. I modified it so that the words are of my choosing and that the letter speed is quicker than normal. This assignment was pretty tough, because Im still trying to familiarize myself with the source codes.

Generative Art

Are We Post-Racial?

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First of all, in my opinion Post Racial means that the people who are not minorities like white people have sort of let go of there hating minorities, mainly African Americans, do to Barrack Obama’s presidency. it does not mean that all hate crimes will be stopped, however, it does mean that people now have individual respect for one another, which is what all of Obama’s “fans” wanted.

Are we Post-Racial, of course we are, but not everybody. It depends on the person individually. Racism will never stop, but as the years go on, there has been lots of change. However, racism will never stop. Electing Obama is part of that change, a hundred years ado, this would never had happened.

Honestly, i don’t know what we will be called in the future. Since racism will never end. If there was a name, that America would be called a name related to Americas next large problem, perhaps Gay Rights. – Sharks

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Basically for this assignment i wrote about great white sharks. they are my favorite animal of all time. It wasn’t that hard finding information especially since I already know so much about them. I posted 23 posts on, but only because I don’t think I was doing it right at first. Here is the link to my blog on sharks.